The African Fashion Week Sweden is aimed to promote African fashion in Sweden and the rest of the Nordic countries. It will be held in Stockholm in the summer 2020.

We the organizers will like to give opportunity to as many as possible African countries with embassy in Stockholm to have designers from their countries to exhibit African designs.

We have been arranging African fashion event for the pass 18 years, the biggest event so far was held at one Swedish Television house as far back in 2004. The event was throught the help of the late Stella Obasanjo, the wife of Nigerer former presendent. Nigeria embassy Stockholm played a very important roll in helping to secure sponsorship from the likes of KLM and Ericsson.

We have continue to be arranging African fashion Shows yearly up to date mostly in Jönköping where we have our base, but we have also help to orangise such event in Malmö and Börås. And we have seen that the interest for Africa clothes is getting higher.

We believe therefore the time is now to take African Fashion Show from just a cultural event to greating a commercial platform for African designers to showcase and market their products. We will only be inviting established designers direct from Africa to partisipart in this event. This event is not going to be just like a normal fashion show but it is meant to be a trade fair with designers / companies displaying their products and hopefully taking orders from both private and clothing stores.


Billed for a 2 days event.

Fashion show

Cultural dance


Exhibition of African arts & pantings

The after party with artist performances.H

Venue: One of Nordic Choice Hotel.

Possible countries :

Nigeria, South African, Kenyan, Tanzania,  Ethiopia Rwanda, Congo