Festival Of African Music Fashion and Dance

On the 2nd of September 2017 Afro Scandinavia JKPG will be arranging Festival of African Music, Fashion and dance.
The purpose of this event is to highlight African fashion and music. African music is gaining worldwide acceptance right now but on the fashion side nothing much is being done to promote African fashion.
At the fashion show, we will be show clothes by designers from Lagos Nigeria, and from a Paris base guy from Sierra Leone.
The Fashion show kicks off at 7 pm, in between the fashion, there will dance performance by a dance group from Göteborg.
After the fashion show which will end at 8.30 pm, there will be after party with two of Scandinavian base afrobeat artists , Allone who is originally from Togo and Jay Platniumz from Conga / Tanzania will be performing some of their latest’s hits. Dj of the night is one the best afrobeat / Dancehall dj, DJ Jim from Örebro.
Tickets for both the fashion show and party is just 150 kr per person.
Single Adult: 150kr.
Single : 75 kr ( under 18 years)
Family: 300 kr ( Includes 2 adults + 4 children under 18 years)
( Children and under 18 years can only be at the fashion show)