Afro Scandinavia JKPG is a voluntary association of people from different countries in Africa and Sweden, but it is open to anyone interested in African culture. We are a none religious nor political organization, a democratic association were each member is free to express his opinion.
Our main purpose is to work for none racial society and to help in every way we can to promote unity among Africans and to create understanding and exchange of knowledge and to inform people in Jönköping more about  African culture.
We arrange various kinds of events, music concerts, fashion show, music workshop, dj / and music production and dance shows, we have just open  our own music  studio to help young people who are interested in song write and music production.

Afro Scandinavia JKPG wants to create the conditions for Sweden and the Jönköping region to become an arena for world artists from Africa, the Caribbean and more. Afro Scandinavia JKPG as one of the leading cultural pioneers will seek to work with the Jönköping region as a cultural producer and lecturer to counter the rapid global culture change.

Our Goal

Afro Scandinavia JKPG has a long-term & international plan that includes the status of an international NGO in some African countries such as Uganda, Rawanda, Tanzania, Burundi and Nigeria. With a background in the rapid change process in Africa, Afro Scandinavia JKPG wants to introduce a dialogue between Afro Scandinavia JKPG and various African-like associations focusing on long-term strategies to strengthen cultural collaboration and exchange between Sweden and Africa. This means that Honjo will invite different African artists to Gothenburg to take part in Honjo's outdoor house festival. This also means that Afro Scandinavia JKPG, in turn, wants to invite various Swedish artists to Africa, for example to Ethiopia, Nigeria, and the Kenya so that they can learn a little about the African folk music, dance and try playing different traditional musical instruments.  Interest in Swedish and African culture collaboration and contacts between cultural practitioners in both Sweden / Africa has increased and Afro Scandinavia JKPG wants Jönköping to be a leading city in expanding its internationalization of culture. 

Region Jönköping
Jönköping Kulturförvaltningen
If you would like to know more about our activities, please contact us. [email protected]