Afro Scandic Music Award is meant to support our artists and djs in Scandinavia. Without them there cannot be upward growth of Afrobeat. In this first edition of this award, the winners of the three main categories: Best song, best video and best DJ. A totalt of €1000 as prize money will be share out amoung winner of the three main categories. We will take care of transport and hotel cost of all our nominees.

How do we selection the nominees?

The publice will be invited to summit names of artists and Djs. From this list, we will select ten names per catigory and send to our panel, who will then select a final three names from each catigotry. We will then put these names as the final nominess for voting by the public on website.

Who are our panel?

The panel will be made up of people we trust their intergrity and are djs and event orangeriers base Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helinki , Oslo and Copenhagen. We will not disclose who is in the panel to anyone not even to the panel members untill after the final voting.

Who can be nominated?

Any artist or dj of African origin or not but based in Scandinavia and into afrobeat music can be nominated, but to make the final cut, for artist- he / she most have current song from 2019 on spotify or any order music streamming media. He/she most have music current music video on Youtube. For dj, He/she most be playing at major nightclubs major events.

There will be special selection for Best stage art, best promoter and best upcoming artist. The catigory will be put to voting by the public.

If you want send names of artists or Djs, you send their names to via e-mail [email protected]. We are open to receiving names suggestion from now untill th 15th of January. Thereafter will send the names to our panel for final selection of nominees for voting. So welcome to support your favorite artists and DJ.